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    Happy New Year! In 2015, my goal is to blog more. Since I haven't blogged at all in the last 3 years, step 1 was to create a blog. This is it. You are reading it. It is January 2nd and I've already begun working on my resolutions. You can email me your congradulations via the link at the bottom of this page. 

    I earned my BA in writing last May, and I am already living the dream: that is, living with my parents and working at a chain bookstore. Despite these successes, it is a little daunting to take the next steps in my career as a writer. So to stay sharp and "get my feet wet," I have decided to blog. The theme of my blog will be "Stuff that happened to me/stuff that I did/stuff that I saw one time." Maybe I could shorten that to "Stuff." Yes, okay, that's much snappier: the theme of this blog is "Stuff." 

    The reason I picked the theme of "Stuff" to write about is that I am not very good at telling stories with my mouth. Now that I am an Adult and living away from all five of the friends I made at college, I am forced to face the fact that I cannot communicate things very well with the new people I am meeting. This leaves me feeling unsatisfied and lonely. I feel that I have lots of great stories to tell, but whenever I find myself in a social situation where a good story could fill the awkward silence, I either frick up the story completely somewhere between my brain and my mouth, or I hesitate too long while gathering my thoughts and somebody else jumps into the pause with their own words, forcing me to be the listener. 

    Well, no more! Or, yes more, because I don't have a solution to that problem yet. But, I have an alternative outlet for my storytelling impulse that doesn't require me to make any new friends at all! With this blog, I can hurl my stories into the void of the internet, and feel that I have both practiced writing sentences AND shared my soul with others. 

    So stay tuned for little storylets and instances from my life, to be shared here in a timely and regular fashion that will definitely never be interrupted by fits of procrastination or self-doubt, because, as already shown by my amazing progress on January 2nd, I am TOTALLY going to follow my New Year's goals this year. This is it. 2015, the year I get my life together. 

    But now I've gotta go- my mom says we're having company in a few minutes, and I need to put on some pants. 


    I'd like to thank the copy of Dave Barry is from Mars AND Venus that I picked up at a thrift store the other day for 2 dollars. Without it, who knows how I would have structured this introductory blog post.