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  • What I've Been Doing Instead Of Writing

    I spent the last four years in college. The first two were spent furiously writing essay after essay for various liberal arts and literature classes. The second two were spent furiously writing story after story for fiction writing classes. So this year, I’ve been taking a bit of a break.

    Well, it could sort of be called a break. But it’s also the first time in my life that I haven’t had the structure of classes and homework. That’s a seriously hard adjustment to make, especially when you don’t have a next phase plan to jump right into. The novelty of having my so much free time that’s actually my own is kind of overwhelming, to be honest. When I get out of work, I can do whatever the frick I want. If I want to sit down on a rainy Monday afternoon and watch all six hours of the old Pride and Prejudice movie with Firth and Ehle, well, what’s stopping me? I’m an adult! Dishes and taxes are much less time consuming than homework, AND much easier to put off.

    But what happens to my creative impulses now that I can let them out basically however I want, instead of having them directed by prompts and assignments? Now that I have the option of really playing instead of working? I’ve been working at writing for years now. Opening a word document brings all that feeling of obligation and pressure right back. I hate pressure. So I close my laptop and turn to other mediums to relieve my creative urge. Mediums that I don’t have any training or experience in. Mediums where I am just playing instead of working.

    Collaging is so fun. Look at this shit. I just took these dudes bodies and glued different heads on them. Then I decided that they were art collectors, so I posed them with some of their paintings... in a desert... it all made perfect sense while I was making it. 

    Did you know you could crochet 3D things? Did you know you could do it with your fingers instead of a hook? I didn't! I didn't know anything about crocheting! But I figured it out, and then I made this snake. I also decided I was going to try abstract sculpture...

    ...so I made this thing. What is it? Is it a diseased organ? A dead goose? Who knows! I made it with my hands and some ribbon shit my mom had lying around her studio! Now it's lying around my room instead. 

    My mom also works with plastic. I thought, That's a neat idea, working with trash! I'll make myself a crown! Made out of plastic! It's a metaphor! Unfortunately it came out a lot smaller than I'd intended, so it doesn't really have the majestic trashy look I was going for. More of a cute trashy look. 

    My latest project has been attempting to make jewelry pieces out of all the euros I have left over from the trip I took to Spain six years ago. I can't get rid of them, because nostalgia, but they're just sitting around. That won't do. Clearly I need to wrap them in wire and wear them. 

    Who knows what I will make next. Maybe I'll make a pair of shoes out of wire. Maybe I'll crochet a sun hat. Maybe I'll take up figure drawing and do portraits of people on the street for cash. Or maybe I'll just watch Pride and Prejudice again. Anything that doesn't require me to click on that terrifying "My Documents" icon on my computer.